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  • 20% Cash Back Receipt Campaign, Tuna Wholesaler Miura Misaki Sushi at World Porters, Shirotan Popup Fluffy Store

20% Cash Back Receipt Campaign, Tuna Wholesaler Miura Misaki Sushi at World Porters, Shirotan Popup Fluffy Store

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  • 20% Cash Back Receipt Campaign

  • Tuna Wholesaler Miura Misaki Sushi at World Porters

  • Shirotan Popup Fluffy Store

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20% Cash Back Receipt Campaign

Yokohama City will launch a campaign on August 26, 2022 (Friday) to support citizens' daily lives and promote Yokohama's economy by encouraging the use of city businesses, offering up to 20% point rewards depending on the amount of receipts issued by city businesses. Two campaigns will be launched, "Recycle VALUE" and "Recycle Challenge Vol. 2," each utilizing a smartphone application. During the campaign period, customers can receive up to 20 percent of redemption points on the app by taking and submitting receipts obtained after using participating stores. To redeem/use points, download the "ONE" smartphone application, then take a picture of the receipt obtained after using the target store and send it via the application. Answer the questionnaire. Receive the redeemed points via the app. Redeemed points can be used to purchase electronic coupons and other items on the app, and can also be withdrawn to your personal account."Recycle VALUE" also accepts applications by mail so that those who do not have a smartphone can participate. Official Website > https://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/city-info/koho-kocho/press/keizai/2022/0803reshikatsu.html

Tuna Wholesaler Miura Misaki Sushi at World Porters

We just had a meal at the very popular conveyor-belt sushi restaurant "Maguro Tonya Miura Misakikou" in World Porters! World Porters has a "Birthday Passport" which is a passport full of benefits to make your birthday happier, and you can also receive a nice hospitality at Maguro Tonya Miura Misaki-ko. Coming to a sushi restaurant with a name like "Tuna Wholesaler," one would expect tuna and the maguro toro hitotsukkiki gunkan was delicious. Tuna wholesaler Miura Misaki Port also has salmon, but I was curious about the "zakuzaku soy sauce" seared salmon, which is not easily found elsewhere, so I ordered it. If you tell the receptionist at the Information Counter on the 2nd floor of World Porters that it is your birthday and enter, you will receive a very special "Birthday Passport".

This passport is a very economical passport that allows you to receive a pleasant hospitality at stores, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. in World Porters, and to use the parking lot for free all day long.Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/4aJ6yUzoeY7hNuBUA

Shirotan Popup Fluffy Store

A pop-up store, "Shirotan Fluffy Store," will open inside the Central North ticket gates of JR Yokohama Station from August 5 (Fri.) to 11 (Thu., holiday), 2022. This will be the first pop-up store to open inside the Central North ticket gates of JR Yokohama Station.Shirotan is an original character modeled on the tategoto seal, which represents "comfort, healing, encouragement, and communication.At this year's opening, the pop-up store will also sell new products from the "Shirotan Lots of White Stuff Series," "large meat buns" and "dumplings," which were released exclusively at the pop-up store. In addition, August 8 during the period is both the birthday of "Shirotan" and "Shirotan Day" certified by the Japan Anniversary Association.

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Photo of the Day

Location > Yokohama ParkGoogle Map > https://goo.gl/maps/R1GnMiwJZqtVe3qAA