Belgian Beer At Yamashita Park, Flowers and Food?

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Belgian Beer Weekend at Yamashita Park

The Belgians are world famous for quite a few things! Chocolates, waffles, road racing, Manneken Pis, ... and beer! Belgian beer is much more than just “beer”; it is about the greatest diversity of original beer styles you can find on the planet, where modern and innovative techniques are blended with century old brewing traditions.The ‘Belgian Beer Weekend’ is the finest occasion to explore the Belgian beer culture and traditionally takes place the first weekend of September at the world renowned ‘Grand Place’ in Brussels. Today the Belgian Beer Weekend, taking place at Japan's major metropolitan areas, has grown into one of Japan's leading outdoor events with more than 1.3 million visitors over the past 13 years.The Belgian Beer Festival is coming to Yamashita Park 5/19 ~ 5/22.Grab tickets (including an original glass and 3-4 beers) or check details here:

Best Flower Spots In Yokohama

While you're out and about, why not enjoy the spring time with some great gardens and flowers?Where to go you ask? Check out some 3 of the best spots for flowers here:

The Rose Garden in Yamashita Park, called “Future Rose Garden,” is a symbolic one in Yokohama, as it passes on the history of roses from the past to the future. Here, you can enjoy the three-dimensional and diverse exhibition of 1,900 roses of about 160 different varieties shown as trailing roses and standard rose trees.

In this garden that won the Excellent Garden Award at the 18th World Federation of Rose Societies, more than 2,000 roses of 1,800 different varieties bloom. The large rose tunnel at the garden entrance is particularly a sight to see.

The Yamate Italian Garden, where the Home of a Diplomat stands, renewed its rose garden in the spring of 2018. Home to 250 rose strains of about 40 varieties, including Yokohama local varieties such as "Hama Mirai" and "Saint of Yokohama", which were created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Yokohama Port opening. Here you’ll enjoy the western-style residencies and the roses in an unhurried way.

Eat of the Week

Rio Grande Grill

Great value for weekday lunches at just ~1200 yen for a steak, pork or chicken plate that includes an all-you-can-eat salad bar and drinks!For dinner or on weekends expect to blow out your budget though, with all you can eat meat for 4900 yen.Easy access located in Bay Quarter, a short walk from Yokohama Station

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Photo of the Day

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