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  • Co-Working Spaces Taking Over, Coffee Fixes and Cool T-Shirts

Co-Working Spaces Taking Over, Coffee Fixes and Cool T-Shirts

Good morning Monday in Yokohama!Let's start you off on the right foot this week with some great local news.

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  • The Rise Of The Co-Working Space

  • Monday Coffee Fix

  • Landmark Tower T-Shirts

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The Rise Of The Co-Working Space

Well, we feel like we were on a bit of a curve on this one.Actually, we were some of the 1st users of the 1st co-working space in Yokohama!Now we are (hopefully) post-pandemic, here are some of the best co-working spaces in Yokohama currently.You can drop in for a few hours, a day or pay monthly.

1. Bukatsudo

The original co-working space in Yokohama is located right in Minatomirai on the B1F of the dockyard.It's a little tricky to find, but has great facilities and cafe.Some might complain about the no-talking rule in some areas, but for others this is perfect!At 9900 yen/month, this value is hard to beat!

2. We Work

We Work is also located in Minatomirai on of the buildings opposite Pacifico.It is pricier at about 50,000 yen / month but does come with free drinks including beer, and is open 24/7.We Work is known as more of a collaboration space so maybe is better if you are trying to grow your team.

3. G Innovation Hub

While we aren't sure what the G stands for we are fans of this co-working space.In the old but renewing area of Kannai, this has to be one of the hippest new spaces in Yokohama.Costing 18700 yen / month it is in the medium range but for that, you do get to use it 24/7 with a free cafe as well.

Monday Coffee Fix

OK, OK, OK we get it.It's Monday and you need some coffee.Well, luckily we know the best places in town.This week we are recommending you to a little spot just near Motomachi station on the edge of Chinatown.

Yokohama Coffee Stand

Yes we realize they may need some help with their name, but what they lack in creativity they make up with good coffee!As far as we know it is run by just one guy who seems to take special pride in making every cup.It does take about 5min for him to pour over it (pun intended), but it is worth it in the end.Actually, he made 2 and threw the 1st one away when we went there the last time!Let us know what you think!Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/qzHM66hcyfGhRpbx5

Landmark Tower T-Shirts

OK yes we realize we'll have to do a deep town into the tower at some point.But here's a quick one.Did you know they sell Landmark Tower Shirts on the 69F viewing floor?At 3,850 yen it would want to be good but looks pretty cool.If you move back to another country, you at least have to grab one for your memories.(We'd give you a map, but all we can say is look up and you'll see where the tower is.)

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Photo of the Day

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