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Cup Noodles, Best South Indian & Rinko Park Picnics

Good morning Yokohama!It's Wednesday and the week just keeps getting better!We've got a great newsletter for you today, so sit back and enjoy.

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  • Cup Noodle Museum

  • Best South Indian Restaurant

  • Rinko Park

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Cup Noodle Museum

What is the Cup Noodle Museum you ask?It's a museum dedicated to the food inventions of Momofuku Ando who created instant food favorites such as chicken ramen, cup noodles, and space ramen.You can even see the entire process of making cup noodles, and even customize your own choosing the ingredients and art.Of course, it comes in an inflatable necklace!Overall it's a great day out especially for the kids.It's just 500 yen for adults and free for students, and you can grab tickets online or on the day (it may be full).More Information > https://www.cupnoodles-museum.jp/en/yokohama/Online Tickets > https://l-tike.com/leisure/cupnoodles-museum/Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/PbWkF7miQjA7rjkJ9

Best South Indian Restaurant

There are some great Indian restaurants in Yokohama as you know.However - there are not many south Indian options available.What's the difference? Everything!

Bodhi Sena

This new restaurant in the Kannai area opened in 2020, and has some of the best food for great prices!South Indian food has the best of both words - great curry but also unique delicacies like Byriani rice and Masala Dosa.They also have great drinks and of course, Masala Chai is our favorite.The chef is from the amazing area of Kerala in south India and the food reflects this quality.It's quite busy, but even if you need to line up, it's never for long.South Indian food doesn't have the normal style of naan, so go for dosa, paratha, or chapati to dip in your curry, you'll love it!Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/W9kYZpgRJCnvzbRGA

Rinko Park

The weather is awesome at the moment - not too hot yet, but perfect sunny skies.One of the best parks centrally to hang out for a picnic or exercise is Rinko Park.We were there last Sunday and it was packed and lively, but of course still plenty of room to grab a space in the shade.Bring your picnic sheet or camp chairs and some food &. beers for a great day.If you're feeling a little more active, bring a ball or frisbee and enjoy the open space like many others.You can check out the harbor and even go fishing if you like!Feel free to put up a tent or organize with other families to meet up - it's the perfect central park to enjoy your weekend!

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