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How To Throw Away Oversized Rubbish, Cafe Emo Espresso, Yokohama Fishing Village

Happy Thursday Yokohama!It might be time for some more coffee, so we've got you covered in that area.Also some special tidbits about Yokohama you may not have know.Enjoy!

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  • Where Can I Throw My Oversized Rubbish Out?

  • Coffee Fix

  • Yokohama - Fishing Village to 2nd Largest City

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Where Can I Throw My Oversize Rubbish Out?

This is a question we hear a lot in Yokohama!Don't worry there's actually a simple answer.Large rubbish is called "Soudai Gomi" in Japanese and can't be thrown out in regular trash bags.If it's longer than 30cm (metal) or 50cm (other products), it needs to be collected by the city.How to do that?1. Make A Booking For CollectionRing 0570-200-530 or email [email protected] and let them know the type of products and size.They will tell you how much it will cost.Buy the "Sodai Gomi" stickers at the convenience store, stick them on your rubbish, and put them at the collection point on the day.(Don't worry you can book in English also)2. Take The Rubbish To The Depo YourselfIf you don't want to wait around, you can also take the rubbish directly to the depo yourself by car.Follow the instructions above to find out the cost, and let them know you will bring the items to the depo.There are several locations in Yokohama you can see here: https://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/kurashi/sumai-kurashi/gomi-recycle/gomi/shushu/sodaigomi/dashikata-shousai/jikohannyuyard.htmlThe closest to Yokohama station is in Tsurumi about 15min drive: https://goo.gl/maps/pGNi6iwmue4BqCFA9Take your items anytime with the stickers and they will gladly take them off your hands!

Coffee Fix

Although espresso-style coffee is not as popular as drip-style coffee in Japan, today's cafe will meet the needs of any Italian-style coffee aficionados out there.

Cafe Emo Espresso

This hole-in-the-wall-style cafe has been around in Kannai since - well a long time it would seem!Don't be fooled by the name, there is no "emo" style music played here.(What's emo music you ask? Think 90's boy band and black fringes https://youtube.com/watch?v=onzL0EM1pKY)The owner can often be found on his Vespa parked out front or inside making espresso.This is an espresso-style bar, so while there is room to sit out and food or desserts on the menu, it's mostly a place for a quick caffeine hit in the morning or after lunch.Check it out, if you love espresso-style coffee you won't be disappointed.Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/XpsvZurKZ2pPtAJt6

Yokohama - Fishing Village to 2nd Largest City

Did you know Yokohama was just a small fishing village until Commodore Matthew Perry and his United States navy ships forced the Japanese shogunate to open some ports to foreign trade?That's why the first foreigners in Japan settled in Yokohama, and we have areas such as Yamate, Motomachi, Chinatown & Kannnai.Here are a few places you can learn and get a sense of the rich history of this city:1. Yokohama Archives of History MuseumThe Yokohama Archives of History in Naka ward, central Yokohama, near Yamashita Park, is a repository for archive materials on Japan and its connection with foreign powers since the arrival of Commodore Matthew Perry in 1853Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/Gi32mfmLbEE8JyXQ7

2. Hotel New GrandThe Hotel New Grand is a historic hotel in Yokohama, Japan, overlooking Yamashita Park. It opened in 1927, four years after the Great Kantō earthquake devastated much of the city.Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/dneuz9pHKLx9Z7CQ7

3. Uchiki PanOpened in 1888, they're considered one of the creators of 'shokupan', the white sandwich bread sold all across Japan. The original owner, Uchiki Hikotaro, learnt his trade from an Englishman named Clarke at the nearby Yokohama Bakery, and carried on baking after Clarke returned to Europe.Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/pyuv3WbudPVzrZ8d8

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