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  • Global Sunday Markets Kannai, Oriental Grace Coffee, vKagaya Starry Sky World Exhibition

Global Sunday Markets Kannai, Oriental Grace Coffee, vKagaya Starry Sky World Exhibition

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  • Global Sunday Markets Kannai

  • Oriental Grace Coffee

  • Kagaya Starry Sky World Exhibition

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Global Sunday Markets Kannai

The international cultural exchange program "GLOBAL SUNDAY MARKET 2022" will be held in Odori Park, Yokohama (near Kannai Station) on September 10 (Sat.) and 11 (Sun.), 2022. The entire venue will be divided into three areas: a market area, a food area, and a kids' area, where visitors can enjoy and experience the charm of the international city of Yokohama, where international culture and the circular economy are in harmony. Zero carbon and zero-waste initiatives will also be incorporated. The market area will feature 64 stores, including artists who create works using scrap wood and other materials, and the food area will feature 26 restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from different countries. In the kids area (Hamacco School Area), visitors can experience a soccer school run by former Japanese national soccer team members Mr. Kurihara and Mr. Hyodo, as well as nine other job experience programs free of charge. Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/LvsVWtGRJT9hyRxi7

Oriental Grace Coffee

For those looking for a café in the Kannai area, we recommend Oriental Grace Coffee. This cafe is located near Odori Park, which continues from Kannai. In addition to delicious sandwiches and drinks, it is also a great place to work on your computer as there are power outlets and other facilities available. The spacious interior is bright, green, and pleasant.Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/QxMSiYGDoRgq68hKA

Kagaya Starry Sky World Exhibition

Kagaya is a Japanese photographer with a large social media following, and he has become famous for his starry night sky shots. From capturing the twinkling stars of a Hokkaido winter evening, or snapping the incredible reflection of stars on the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, Kagaya travels the world in search of these amazing after dark skyscapes.

A special exhibition taking place at the Sogo Museum of Art will explore a number of Kagaya's starry night sky photography works, along with video footage captured on his travels.

Dream Drive - Building, selling, and renting campervans.

“Whenever I recall and share childhood stories from growing up in the UK and Australia, they almost always begin with a road trip. I had to ask myself “why? why do most of my most memorable childhood stories begin with a journey, and why have I not been making these memories here in Japan? While working in an office in Tokyo for about 10 years, I came to the realization that many Japanese are traveling and experiencing RV road trips abroad in the United States, Australia, Europe, etc. but not doing so in their own country. Japan is in my opinion one of, if not the best country for free-spirited road trip travel as the roads are safe and there are thousands of clean toilets and onsen all throughout the country. My dream with starting this company was to not only build great campervans but also help put Japan on the global map as a top road trip destination.”

JARED CAMPIONDream Drive Founder & CEO

We currently build and rent three campervan models – The small compact TOCHI, KAGO, and larger KUMA. Listed below you’ll be able find more details about each campervan type as well pricing to help you decide which size is right for you.

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Photo of the Day

Location > KishamichiGoogle Map > https://goo.gl/maps/h79NFQobNP6k5kB16