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  • Good Day Park 2022, Zebra Coffee & Croissants, Bay Bike Electric Bicycles

Good Day Park 2022, Zebra Coffee & Croissants, Bay Bike Electric Bicycles

Good morning Yokohama!Friday's here and it feels good.Enjoy today's local news!

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  • Good Day Park 2022

  • Zebra Coffee & Croissant

  • Bay Bike Electric Bicycles

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Good Day Park 2022

This outdoor event will be held Friday 5/27 to Sunday 5/29 at rand Mall Park outside Mark Is shopping center in Minato Mirai.

The venue is divided into 5 areas, "Live Stage," "Kids Park through the Trees," "Market Area," "Food Area," and "Workshop Area," where you can enjoy live performances, art performances, and other events based on the concept of sustainability and environment in a natural and outdoor warm atmosphere. At the "Kids Park", children will be able to have fun in an open-air space, making picture books, dolls, and pass cases.

In the market area, stores will gather to hold a market based on the concept of "something comfortable" with themes such as natural, outdoor, and sustainable.

In the food area, four kitchen cars will be set up with craft beer, finger foods, and other items that not only taste good but also look good. In the workshop area, there will be workshops for adults to enjoy, where they can come into contact with sustainable items and natural materials.

The "Chill Out Area," which was held for the first time in 2019 and was well-received, will also make a return appearance in the lawn area of Grand Mall Park, where visitors can relax and enjoy the outdoors!

On the main live stage, three to four artists will perform each day, featuring acoustic and warm sounds. Sand Art will perform in a special edition with the addition of live music.

It looks like a good time, so don't miss it!

Zebra Coffee & Croissant.

Located on the 2F or Marine & Walk, next to Akarenga is Zebra Coffee & Croissant.We are not sure why it's called Zebra, but one thing is clear as black and white - they serve great coffee and desserts!Grab a stylish sofa overlooking the water and enjoy one of the best cafes in Yokohama!Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/SDRW1G6neYbWPZrV9

Bay Bike Electric Bicycles

You may have seen the many "docks" full of electric red bicycles around the city center.These bay bikes are one of the most effective ways to get around.Forget the train - just grab a bay bike and park it are your destination.They go up to 30 km/hr (with some pedal power) so even distances of 10km are no problem!Many people don't know how to use it so we thought we would help you out!1. Register For An Account Onlinehttps://docomo-cycle.jp/yokohama/en/There are 3 plans-165 yen / trip (30min)-unlimited 30min trips (2,200 yen/month)2. Register at a Convenience Store-1 day pass 1,527 yen3. Start UsingSimply add your details and you will get a login for the app.Select a bicycle from the app and enter the code on the bicycle, or scan the code directly.Then you are unlocked and on your way.Don't forget to return to a dock and push the finish button (otherwise you may get charged extra).Remember it charges each 30min so try to keep within that.Happy riding and see you on the road!

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Photo of the Day

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