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  • Minato Mirai Bon Odori Festival, Yokohama Bay Quarter "Tables cook & Living House", Roof Garden Golf Course

Minato Mirai Bon Odori Festival, Yokohama Bay Quarter "Tables cook & Living House", Roof Garden Golf Course

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  • Minato Mirai Bon Odori Festival

  • Yokohama Bay Quarter "Tables cook & Living House"

  • Roof Garden Golf Course

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Minato Mirai Bon Odori Festival

The Minato Mirai Bon Odori Festival will once again be held in mid-August 8/12-13 in Rinko Park, Yokohama.Looking out over the evening waters of Yokohama Bay, Rinko Park provides one of the most pleasant locations for one of Japan's most-loved summer traditions.As with previous years, the festival will feature beer gardens and a Yokohama gourmet yatai street food stall corner delivering festival staples like kakigori shaved ice and yakitori skewers of grilled chicken.Traditional taiko drummers will be beating out their summer rhythms while yukata-clad dancers dance the bon odori around the central yagura stage.A community tradition, the bon odori's circle of dancers is open to anyone wishing to join in and participate.Free to enjoy and with its views of Yokohama Bay Bridge lit up over the bay, the Minato Mirai Bon Odori Festival is the perfect Japanese summer experience.Official Website (Japanese) > https://www.pacifico.co.jp/visitor/calendar/tabid/231/pdid/72098/Default.aspxGoogle Map > https://goo.gl/maps/dyGxbaCSJTUqEKpN7

Roof Garden Golf Course

Yokohama World Porters in Minato Mirai, has a rooftop garden with a mini golf course!On the rooftop, there is the Yokohama Barn Golf Course and a café, and a plaza with a great view of the Ferris wheel. It is also recommended as a great night view spot. Yokohama World Porters is a big shopping center where many people stop by, but not many have been to the rooftop garden. Once you step out onto the roof garden plaza, you are greeted with an open view of Minato Mirai and can play golf to your hearts content.There are also several wooden decks and benches where you can sit and rest and enjoy the sky views!Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/Fee7CdBRhx3rDzXy8

Yokohama Bay Quarter "Tables cook & Living House"

Located in Yokohama Bay Quarter, a commercial facility directly connected to Yokohama Station, "Tables cook & Living House" is a stylish interior store and cafe. The interior of the store is decorated with modern furniture and has a relaxed and calm atmosphere. The tables and chairs, not to mention the individual lights, birds on the window frames, and other details, all add to the refined atmosphere of this interior design store. At the "tables cook" café, you can enjoy global cuisine prepared by a chef with a French background, using fresh and organic vegetables from the neighborhood.Today we visited for lunch and ordered "pancakes with mashed potatoes and bacon and eggs". All weekday lunches come with a salad bar and soup bar, so it's great value!Google Map > https://g.page/tablescook?share

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Photo of the Day

Location > The Yokohama Bay Hotel TokyuGoogle Map > https://goo.gl/maps/91u1yMHiVp85d2oz6