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  • Nippon Maru Ship Sails Up, Sweet Tuesday - Dumbo Donuts, Fireworks this week

Nippon Maru Ship Sails Up, Sweet Tuesday - Dumbo Donuts, Fireworks this week

Good morning Yokohama!It's Tuesday and and everyday is good at Hello Yokohama.We've got some great news for you, so enjoy!

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  • Nippon Maru Ship Sails Up

  • Sweet Tuesday - Dumbo Donuts

  • Fireworks This Week

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Nippon Maru Ship Sails Up

The Sailing ship Nippon Maru just outside Minatomirai will have a full sail exhibition on SAT 6/11.

During the full-sail display, all sails that are normally folded are unfurled. The Nippon Maru currently has a total of 29 sails, all of which are unfurled by hand by about 100 volunteers.The unfurling of the sails began at 10:30 a.m. and lasted about an hour; the folding of the sails will begin at about 2:30 p.m., and the sails will be folded at about 4:00 p.m.The ship is open for tours from 9:30AM, 11AM & 4PM each lasting one hour, with admission until 30 minutes before the end of each tour.The upcoming full-sail sailings in 2022 are scheduled for June 11, July 3 and 17, August 28, September 11 and 24, October 9 and 23, and November 3, 2022.Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/HT9C69bZMXH8jYBE8

Dumbo Donuts

This hidden spot sounds exactly as it is - elephant-sized donuts!Located on the 1F of the arty Aso building connected to Yokohama Station, they sell various donuts all of which are delicious.Our recommendation is the passion fruit donut, just because you can't get it anywhere else!When you grab a drink, they give you the donut on the top which makes for a pretty cool pic.When you are transiting through Yokohama station, make sure to check it out, and grab one for us while you are at it!Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/8o3SL2McCoxcoBV9A

Fireworks THU 6/2

This Thursday night the biggest fireworks show of the year is here!The Yokohama Port Opening Festival will be held to celebrate Yokohama Port Opening Day. Various events will be held at Rinko Park in Minato Mirai and other locations. Starting at 7:45PM~ there will be a fireworks display in the harbor and all across Yokohama.Make sure you get off work, grab the family and head to a local viewing spot or park to enjoy the sping evening.

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Photo of the Day

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