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  • Outside Market & BBQ, Pecorino Sweets & Restaurant, Unveiling of Yamate 133 Historical Building

Outside Market & BBQ, Pecorino Sweets & Restaurant, Unveiling of Yamate 133 Historical Building

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  • Outside Market & BBQ

  • Pecorino Sweets & Restaurant

  • Unveiling of Yamate 133 Historical Building

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Outside Market & BBQ

The Yokohama Market Promotion Committee will hold a variety of "food" events throughout the year in the area adjacent to the market under the title of "Outside Marche" starting in fiscal year 2022. The first event, "Outside Marche: BBQ outside the Market," is being held from August 13 (Sat) to 28 (Sun), 2022. Visitors can enjoy fresh seafood and vegetables directly shipped from the market, such as giant prawns and abalone, in a barbecue-style setting with a spectacular view of Minato Mirai, and can also enjoy a weekend-only menu featuring market ingredients in a kitchen car.Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/Yz7dveLfnTE6NLoD9

Pecorino Sweets & Restaurant

Pecorino Market & Restaurant is located in Yokohama Hammerhead, a commercial facility in the Minatomirai seaside area. This time, we enjoyed an exquisite dessert set full of cheese at Pecorino Market & Restaurant, so let us introduce you to it in detail! This time, I asked for the "Ferris Wheel Dolce Set," which the staff at Pecorino Market&Restaurant told me was their favorite menu item. This is a menu item that can be ordered for a minimum of two people, and comes with a choice of cheesecake, making it a set that can be enjoyed like afternoon tea.Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/uoK8fYW415CqFeZC9

Unveiling of Yamate 133 Historical Building

The restoration of Yamate 133 Bankan (Yamate, Naka-ku, Yokohama), a Western-style house built in the early Showa period and not open to the public, was completed on June 30, and a tour will be held on October 1 to unveil the building for the first time. The Western-style house was built as a residence for foreigners, and is believed to have been constructed around 1930, and is a two-story wooden structure. Dr. Yamamoto, president of Sanyo Bussan (9 Choja-machi), which operates the pastry store Patisserie Monte Rosa (8 Choja-machi, Naka-ku, Yokohama), saw the land and building for sale on a real estate website and acquired them, feeling that they were valuable. The property was certified as a historical building by the City of Yokohama, and restoration work has been underway. Restoration work will begin in June 2021. Seismic work and the replacement of the French tile roof were completed by the end of February 2022, followed by the restoration of the exterior walls and interior of the building, as well as the construction of exterior grooves around the building. Mr. Yamamoto said, "Our goal was to preserve the building anyway. We have not yet decided how to utilize it. We are considering renting the house to someone who will take good care of it, as it is a 'house that must be lived in. The public viewing to commemorate the completion of the restoration will be held on October 1 as a related event of "Pipe Organ and Yokohama City 2022," jointly organized with Minato Mirai Hall. Pipe organist Sachiko Hayakawa will perform at the museum on a reed organ made by Smith American, which was imported by the Dorling Company, a musical instrument dealer in the Meiji period.Google Map > https://www.google.com/maps?q=35.4353579,139.6571862

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Photo of the Day

Location > Yokohama Port Symbol TowerGoogle Map > https://goo.gl/maps/JZAGEwNgYvWSxnba6