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  • Sea Bass Boat Trips, Yan San Daidokoro Korean Restaurant, Portside Park on the Harbour

Sea Bass Boat Trips, Yan San Daidokoro Korean Restaurant, Portside Park on the Harbour

Good morning Yokohama!It's Wednesday and your week is getting better from today!We've got a great newsletter full of interesting tidbits for you today, so sit back and enjoy. 

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  • Sea Bass Boat Trips

  • Yan San Daidokoro Korean Restaurant

  • Portside Park on the Harbour

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Sea Bass Boat Trips

One of the best-kept secrets of Yokohama Bay is the Sea Bass.No, it's not some kind of fishing expedition, but the boat that links Yokohama Station, Hammerhead, Akarenga, and Yamashita Park.Next time, instead of catching the train, why not consider taking the Sea Bass.It provides some great views, so it is a great option for those out-of-town friends.Starting from just 700 yen and half price for kids, it is also great value!Official Website > https://yokohama-cruising.jp/contents/seabass.htmlGoogle Map > https://goo.gl/maps/d9PD9vtXW8q6GyXo7

Yan San Daidokoro Korean Restaurant

Did you know that Yokohama has its very own Korean town?Tucked away one street back from Kannai station is a block full of Korean restaurants, bars, and Korean shops.Some of the restaurants have great, authentic Korean food.One of them Yan San Daidokoro is our favorite as the owner is friendly and the lunchtime prices are great!Most sets come with soup, kimchi, and soup on the side as well as little plates of savory snacks.We recommend going for the standard Yakinikku type of set for lunch, Bibimbap bowl or if you are a little more adventurous, you can go for the spicy Samgyetang soup.The lunch sets are just about 1200 yen, and the prices will increase a lot after that.Try it out, and your taste buds will thank us!NOTE: The surrounding areas can get pretty dodgy after lunch with a number of clubs & bars opening, so if you prefer to avoid that completely go at lunch or don't venture too far into the surrounding streets.Google Map > https://g.page/yansannodaidokoro?share

Portside Park on the Harbour

Spring is well and truly here and it's a great time to get outside.Top up your vitamin D at Portside Park, a short walk from Yokohama station through Bay Quarter.While there are no swingsets for the kids, it is located along a river with decks overlooking it.There are always plenty of people fishing, picnicking, and eating at the tables provided.Bring the bicycles and the hills are great fun.Also during summer Portside Park is a great place to watch fireworks from.

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Photo of the Day

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