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  • Yokohama Air Cabin, Free Coffee at Uni Coffee, Best Walk in Yokohama?

Yokohama Air Cabin, Free Coffee at Uni Coffee, Best Walk in Yokohama?

Good morning Yokohama!It's Monday, which means there is a great week to come!Let's kick you off on the right foot this week with some great local news.

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  • Yokohama Air Cabin

  • Uni Coffee Roastery (1st Drink Free!)

  • Best Walk in Yokohama?

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Yokohama Air Cabin

Have you wondered what those spaceship-looking cars are flying over your head in Minatomirai are?That would be the Yokohama Air Cabin, Japan's first urban ropeway opening in 2021The ropeway connects Sakuragicho Station and the canal park in front of Yokohama World Porters in the sky, offering an unprecedented viewpoint in the air.It is a little pricy at 1000 yen for adults and 500 yen for kids, so we recommend saving it up for a special celebration or date.The photos that you can get make it all worth it!

Uni Coffee Roastery (1st Drink Free!)

Monday's and coffee walk hand in hand.We've got you covered with Yokohama's best coffee here at Hello Yokohama.This week go ahead and check out Uni Coffee Roastery, they actually have 8 locations in central Kanagawa.They offer great espresso-based coffee as well as your fancy chai tea and desserts of course.One of the biggest benefits is that just by downloading their app, your 1st drink is completely free - no strings attached.Also, you receive 2 free drinks to send to your friends!Although they have a bunch of locations, they are usually not very busy and have a creative boutique vibe to them.We are sure you'll enjoy so download the app, grab your free coffee and share the love. All locations > https://unicoffeeroastery.jp/location/Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/XqSDDNHk1aAPxwnd7

Best Walk in Yokohama?

For those of you who like to walk (or run) along the harbour, today we have a great path for you to follow on one of these beautiful evenings.At just over 5km this will take about 1 hr to walk.1. Bay QuarterStart here for a quick drink or some food2. Anpanman MuseumWalk over the bridge towards the museum and don't let the kids get distracted!3. Rinko ParkWalk along the water at Rinko park and snap a few selfies of the bay bridge4. Cup Noodles MuseumWalk over the bridge towards the museum and relax in the shade of the park5. AkarengaContinue on though Akarenga and get your camera ready again for some great photos6. OsanbashiCross the bridge over and take a quick detour up Osanbashi if you like7. Yamashita ParkYou made it! Enjoy the spring weather at Yamashita Park and the beautiful habour and gardens!Google Map

Dream Drive - Building, selling, and renting campervans.

“Whenever I recall and share childhood stories from growing up in the UK and Australia, they almost always begin with a road trip. I had to ask myself “why? why do most of my most memorable childhood stories begin with a journey, and why have I not been making these memories here in Japan? While working in an office in Tokyo for about 10 years, I came to the realization that many Japanese are traveling and experiencing RV road trips abroad in the United States, Australia, Europe, etc. but not doing so in their own country. Japan is in my opinion one of, if not the best country for free-spirited road trip travel as the roads are safe and there are thousands of clean toilets and onsen all throughout the country. My dream with starting this company was to not only build great campervans but also help put Japan on the global map as a top road trip destination.”

JARED CAMPIONDream Drive Founder & CEO

We currently build and rent three campervan models – The small compact TOCHI, KAGO, and larger KUMA. Listed below you’ll be able find more details about each campervan type as well pricing to help you decide which size is right for you.

Visit our https://www.dreamdrive.life/ to see all options and start exploring Japan!

Photo of the Day

Have a great Monday!

We hope we added a little cheer to the start of your week!Have a great day and see you tomorrow!

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