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Yokohama Port Celebrations, Sweet Tuesday Cafe, Go to Eat

Happy Tuesday.The good news? You made it past Monday.The bad? 4 days until the weekend.Don't worry we've got you covered until then!

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  • Yokohama Port Opening Celebrations

  • Sweet Tuesday

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Yokohama Port Opening Celebration

Yokohama Port Opening Day will be celebrated on June 2, 2022.2020 was canceled and 2021 was scaled down, but 2022 will be a party.The festival will include the much-anticipated fireworks event, as well as a night drone show and the fireworks display in all areas of the city,

The main venue for the Yokohama Kaiko-Festival will be Rinko Park.A special stage will be set up in Rinko Park for live performances by artists and citizens' groups, as well as other park and marine events.This year a "Night Drone Show" will also be held over the near Rinko Park, where you can enjoy a spectacular 10-minute show with 500 drones decorating the night sky.

THURSDAY 2022/6/2 7PM~Rinko ParkGoogle Map > https://goo.gl/maps/P6U9T2StF4q9iR1m7

Sweet Tuesday

Well, you had your coffee fix yesterday, it's time for some sweets.We've got a hidden treasure for you today, so get ready.

Little Village Cafe

This secret spot is actually pretty cool!Hidden in the backstreets of Yamate is a quaint little cafe overrun by gardens.You'll have to line up a little mostly likely as there are only about 10 seats inside, but it's worth it.Pick your sweets and drink and wait to be delighted.We were surprised they didn't bring our orders straight to the table but sat them on a ledge we realized was the "instagram" table.The good news is the sweets taste as good as they look!Enjoy - and guys, your girls will appreciate this one!Google Map > https://goo.gl/maps/N9pnT4aWa5XZKExX6

Go To Eat 20% Off Tickets

The "Go to Eat" Campaign is back!When you buy the tickets for 10,000 yen, you will get 12,000 yen in return.Then you can use them at participating cafes and restaurants (almost everywhere.To purchase either add the official Go To Eat Kanagawa account as a friend on LINE and follow the prompts, or just purchase from any convinience store.The tickets are available until they sell out, so if you eat out, make the most of the 20% off.

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Photo of the Day

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